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Introducing our Mini Spoon and Fork Set, specially crafted with your toddler's safety and independence in mind! Designed to encourage self-feeding while prioritizing safety, this set is an essential addition to your child's mealtime routine.

Anti-Choke Design for Peace of Mind: Our mini spoon and fork feature an innovative anti-choke design, which means they are thoughtfully sized and shaped to prevent accidental choking hazards. You can trust that your child can explore new tastes and textures with confidence.

Perfect for Little Hands: These utensils are perfectly sized for tiny hands learning to grasp and maneuver. The ergonomic design ensures a comfortable and secure hold, helping your child build fine motor skills while enjoying their meal.

Durable and Safe Materials: We understand that your child's health is paramount. That's why our mini spoon and fork set is crafted from high-quality, BPA-free materials that are free from harmful chemicals, ensuring a safe and worry-free eating experience.

Easy to Clean: Cleanup is a breeze with these utensils. They are dishwasher safe for your convenience, saving you time for more precious moments with your toddler.

Vibrant and Kid-Friendly Designs: We know that toddlers love colors and fun designs. Our mini spoon and fork set come in an array of vibrant, kid-friendly colors that are sure to capture your child's imagination and make mealtime an enjoyable experience.

Empower your toddler to explore the world of flavors and textures with confidence and ease using our Mini Spoon and Fork Set with an anti-choke design. It's the perfect way to encourage self-feeding and foster independence while ensuring their safety at every bite.

Mini spoon and fork

£6.99 Regular Price
£4.99Sale Price
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