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Cooshi Kids was founded when looking for good quality, durable products for our little one. We wanted to stay away from plastic for a number of reasons, the damage it causes to our planet and its lack of resistance to the elements to name just a few.

After alot of research, we decided the best way to provide our kids with products we know are safe and trusted is to start our own company, sourcing from the highest quality factories we can to ensure we are providing our kids, and yours, the best possible.


Being parents we understand the tireless task of cleaning up after our little ones, we aim to take away a little bit of that mess leaving you with more ''Me'' time, or to simply just spend less time cleaning and more time playing.


All our products have been tested and are safe for children. Unlike plastic, silicone does not contain any toxic nasties like BPA, BPS, lead, or phthalates.

Our store policies are fair and generous and our customer service aims to be the best.


So what are you waiting for? Start shopping online today and find out more about what makes us so special.

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